"Words Are, of Course, the Most Powerful Drug Used By Mankind" -Rudyard Kipling
Too many people have powerful messages to express, but are afraid of writing them. In our age, words can travel further and faster than they ever have before. 

This means if you are not a writer, or if your time would be better spent on your own craft, having someone to write for you can be an incredible asset. 

I have enjoyed writing since I was a small boy. I guess it's no wonder that I took a university degree that involved a lot of writing (English Linguistics, Civilisation and Literature)... 

Even when I went into fitness and coaching, I kept writing. I quickly came to understand that content marketing is the future for small buisnesses. 

When you don't have a huge advertising budget to generate a ton of traffic, content becomes the best tool to spread your ideas and attract people into your world. 

The written word also happens to be loved by search engines, which keep rewarding fresh and quality content in their ranking system.  If you want us to combine our strengths so that you can free up some time for yourself while getting more eyes exposed to your message, here is how we can work together...
Ghost writing
You claim all the credit, I do all the work in the background for you. I can write well researched articles on a variety of topics, for any length necessary. 
Guest writing
I claim the credit and put a back link on my website for the article, but you get a cheaper rate and I promote the article on my social media. 
OK, you do write, and you don't mind writing, but you hate proofreading your own work. You need someone with a sharp eye who will spot every single grammatical slip-up you may have missed. Let's say someone with a background on linguistics... Well, if you need a polished work, I'm here for you too. 
Translating (French-English)
You write well in English or in French, but you need your work translated into any of those two languages, not to worry. I will make sure that your work reads as if it was written by a native speaker... 
For further information on any of these services, please fill in the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.