Helping People Share Their Genius...
I have always looked up to huge geniuses. George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and many others... I have always been fascinated by the fact that an idea could grow into something powerful that impacts millions of people. 

And then I realised that we all have genius in us. In our own way we can add value to this rotating orb we sit on, if we stop listening to our head all the time. 
My main way of sharing my work is writing. I always managed to find myself in a position that required me to write a lot. Even as a fitness coach, I published more than 200 articles and a book. 

Today I help people share their own genius, either through writing or using other methods. I dipped my toe into the entrepreneurial world very early and when you have tasted that kind of freedom, it's hard to step away from... 

If you want to taste what entrepreneurship is like, or want to grow your business using content marketing, we should definitely have a conversation together, which you can book on the link at the bottom of the page. 

My background

Master's Degree
English Literature, Civilisation and Linguistics, University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis.

Since then I have written hundreds of articles, and edited written works for coaches and even scholars. 
Cor Coaching Academy Graduate

Cor is a coaching certification program that integrates mindset work with heart intelligence to help people follow their path and overcome obstacles with less stress. 
Certified Personal Trainer

BP JEPS AGFF (French State Official Certification). I have coached people with their health and fitness both online and offline. 
Precision Nutrition Practitioner 

John Berardi's Precision Nutrition coaching certification is still one of the best for personal trainers and health coaches.